Seed package

The project was to produce products using repurpose-able materials and sell 12 products

to the Oxford Botanic Garden Christmas market. The target was ordinary people and I should understand the cost and value expectations of the market environment.

I made the seed pattern using the shape each seed has and when people first look at

the seed package, they said, "What is this?" I wanted to raise a curiosity. It also has fun at

the same time. I began to make seed packages using repurpose-able paper which is piled up in the Letter press Studio in the Uni. I also created Christmas cards for sale in the market

along with the seed packages because of the characteristic of the Christmas market. 

I thought about a moving Christmas card using pop up effect.

On the front of the seed package, there is the name of the product and the pattern of the seed. Patterns based on the shape of each veggie seed.

Pulling the tab at the top, you can see which vegetables are seeds.

The pattern was cut using a laser and five kinds of stamps were made.

An exploded view of prototype seed package

In terms of attaching the seed sachet, I tried to find how to have a good  harmony  with the existing design. At first I chose to enclose the envelope with  a sticker, but I thought that cutting the paper and putting the seed sachet and enclosing the card was better.

5 types of pattern

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