Quality Control

The aim of this project was to find the things that seemed to be valuable to me in the second-hand shops and analyze the quality of the objects and use them in further sustained design.

I started by looking for valuable things in  the second-hand shops. The quality I found on this belt was the color, pattern and flexibility of the belt.  I cut the MDF, Rubber and Acrylic plate using laser. I tried to investigate the feeling of different materials by various attempting the size and the interval of the holes where the strings enter. I experimented variously using 3mm gray translucent acrylic sheet, 2mm MDF, 1mm beige rubber sheet. The experiments I have done have been to combine the various lines on one side. The models can be developed

by overlapping the faces, two layers, three layers. And these models are likely to develop

into bags, accessories fashion products.

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