Future Chocolate 

People think about the future, others and the environment as well as their own desires. They want significant choices for the future. Edible insects are one of the foods that will replace meat of the future. It is also excellent in sustainability nutrition for the future. But many people are even afraid to try because they have no experience with edible insects. I designed a chocolate containing edible insect powder to help people get used to edible insects and to think about food in the future. Chocolate is a favorite dessert for most people and the aroma of chocolate makes it hard to taste the edible insect powder. I believe that small chocolate has the power to change the world. I thought designers can use design to change people's perception and behavior.  Chocolate, chocolate support and package were designed and five different shapes of chocolate were designed, inspired by the insect's appearance. The organic form of the package is inspired by
 Cocoon's image. This protects the chocolate. 

Five different types of chocolate seem to be like bugs.

I wanted to show through the design language that this product was related to edible insects. Since it is the chocolate of the future, I wanted to convey the feeling that the photograph of the product is also in the virtual space.

The opaque material on the outside and the translucent acrylic on the inside make a stylish contrast. The outer package is made of opaque material to stimulate people's curiosity. When people open a package, they face a unique type of chocolate inside. I wanted to break down the boundaries of how chocolates are eaten and give people new experiences about what they eat.

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