Foam chair

Furniture series with expanding foam

I made furniture by using black net to make a fabric mould and then injecting expanding foam into it. I tried to find a new way out of the way of making traditional furniture. The irregular form of the expanding foam has produced unpredictable results and is one of the greatest charms this furniture has. First, fabric moulds were fabricated to control the shape of the furniture, and foam was injected to create unique furniture shapes. The exits of the foam through the net give the furniture surface a unique texture.

Process of making furniture using expanding foam

The process of making a fabric mould is similar to the process of making a dress. 
First I decide the size of the chair I want to make and draw a draft on paper. Cut the fabric along the pattern

and use a hair straightener to melt the net and bond it. Net is a material made of PVC and has the property of melting when heated. The fabric mould was made to hang on the frame.

Inside the furniture there is a structure made of blue foam. The structure was put into the mould of the fabric and

the remaining part was filled with a can type expanding foam. 

The process of injecting the foam was divided into three stages in order to improve the completeness of the furniture.

In the first step, the foam was injected into the four legs and the two steps were carried out after waiting for the foam

to harden completely. In the second stage, injected foam into the seating area where the person sits.

In the final step, the backrest and detailing were carried out.

Process of making furniture using expanding foam